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Certain services and other offerings offered through the golfwarehouse Websites might include extra terms and terms that are applicable to them and are read on the pages that contain such products or services or through hyperlinks to those pages, or alternative instructions to those additional Terms and Conditions.

When you visit this website Golfwarehouse You agree to these terms and conditions without LIMITATION or QUALIFICATION and the additional conditions and terms that Golfwarehouse may at any time make available.

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The Golfwarehouse Websites are operated and owned by Golfwarehouse or its affiliates and are protected by copyright laws as well as various other United States and international laws. All rights are reserved. Copyright on the content and software supplied is owned the company or licensee to Golfwarehouse “www.golfwarehouse.com

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If not stated otherwise, the names of products and logos, designs texts images, graphics videos, audio codes domain names, organizational and the user's look and feel on the Golfwarehouse are trademarks and trade names, service marks and copyrights or other intellectual property that belong to Golfwarehouse. The unauthorized use of materials that are available on Golfwarehouse could violate trademark, copyright, and other laws.

The information is contained on the Golfwarehouse is intended to confer any implied, implicit, or any other means, any license or right to make use of or use any Golfwarehouse Intellectual property displayed in these Golfwarehouse without the explicit, written consent from Golfwarehouse. Any rights not expressly granted herein remain exclusive. 

The material available that appears on the Golfwarehouse is available for legal reasons only. Images of individuals or locations that appear on the Golfwarehouse are the exclusive rightful property of or made available with permission from Golfwarehouse. The making use of or re-using of those images, except in accordance with the express permission of Golfwarehouse is not permitted. Golfwarehouse reserves the entire title and all intellectual property rights for material downloaded from the website.  

Golfwarehouse, and the Golfwarehouse’s Logo are trademarks registered by Golfwarehouse. Other services and trademarks utilized herein belong to their respective owners.

All information, including but not including suggestions, ideas comments, images, or other information submitted through Golfwarehouse through this site are not confidential. Golfwarehouse shall be permitted to reproduce, share, or exploit the information you provide to any purpose, without cost to the person who sent the information.

The user acknowledges that the submission is original of any information sent by Golfwarehouse and assumes liability for its accuracy, properness, and legality.

You must not:

1.    Share passwords, usernames, or any other access credentials that permit access to secured areas of Golfwarehouse by any unauthorized third party.

2.    Encourage or participate in sending out spam. 

3.    Send, distribute or post non-permissible advertising, promotional material chain letters junk mail or other kind of unwelcomed mass email to individuals or organizations that haven't consented to being part of the mailings. 

4.    Do not include, delete, alter, or falsify information about transmission such as headers, return mailers and Internet protocol address, or alter identifiers to conceal the origin of any information. 

5.    You may impersonate anyone or any company or declare or falsely claim to be affiliated with any entity or person. 

6.    Do not distribute or transmit any content without permission to do it without the permission to do. 

7.    Send out threatening and/or harassing messages to other people.

You are not permitted to post or disseminate any content that. is unlawful harassing, defamatory or violent, threatening, obscene or infringes of privacy rights of another. Violates any rights or rights of the author trademark, right of use, or any other exclusive right, which includes but not limited to the use of material from third parties protected by author's rights laws without the appropriate permission or using third-party trademarks without permission.

You are agreeing not to:

1.    Utilize The Golfwarehouse to serve any unlawful purpose or in contravention all applicable laws and regulations. 

2.    Make web pages with hyperlinks that allow downloading of infringing material or other illicit material. 

3.    Electronically stalk or make a nuisance of an individual. 

4.    Do any Internet activities that violate the privacy rights of other people Not restricted to sharing and collecting information on Internet users without their consent except in the manner permitted by the law in force, or

5.    Participate in Internet raffles or competitions that are in violation of applicable laws.

As a further condition for your access and use on the Golfwarehouse. You agree to not

1.    Publish, distribute, or transmit any worms or viruses, or any other destructive, disruptive, or destructive files, codes, or programs via these Golfwarehouse.

2.    Interrupt the normal flow of dialogue on Golfwarehouse of conversation or act in a manner that adversely impacts other users' ability to participate in live exchanges.

3.    Run any software that makes a service or resource available to other users such as but not including port redirectors chat servers, proxy servers and the like. 

4.    Interfere with, disrupt, or damage in any way Golfwarehouse or any servers or networks linked to them.  

5.    Use programs or configure devices in such a manner that keeps the dialup connection running even while not in use, or bypass automatic disconnect to avoid inactivity.

6.    Use your access to the Golfwarehouse without respecting the rules of other websites such as chat rooms, websites, or similar sites.

7.    Use the Golfwarehouse to gain access to the accounts of other users without permission.  

8.    Attempt to break into the protections of Golfwarehouse or another entity, or to get or break passwords or other security measures.  

9.    Commit attacks of denial of service that are designed to hinder access to networks by flooding a website as well as the Internet with unnecessary traffic.

Golfwarehouse, at its discretion, may use third party contractors for a variety of service-related functions, such as without the limitation of interactive chats with product experts on product suggestions. The opinions, views and suggestions that are provided by third party contractors do not necessarily reflect the views of Golfwarehouse. Golfwarehouse, is not responsible for any opinions or suggestions that are made by third party.

By accessing websites of the Golfwarehouse You acknowledge that your using websites of the Golfwarehouse is entirely at your own risk. These Golfwarehouse are provided on an as-is' and "as accessible basis. Golfwarehouse does not warrant that the use on websites on the Golfwarehouse will be uninterrupted or error-free. Golfwarehouse reserves the right to terminate any purchase made through the Golfwarehouse due to an error or mistake identified through Golfwarehouse. Golfwarehouse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information provided or the products and services that are offered via its Golfwarehouse. 

Golfwarehouse specifically excludes all warranties, whether expressly stated or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of title merchantability and the ability to meet a specific use, to the fullest possible extent permitted by law. Any information or advice provided from Golfwarehouse shall constitute a guarantee. In no event shall Golfwarehouse assume responsible for any indirect, direct incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use or the inability of you to utilize or use the Golfwarehouse or products , which includes not limiting your reliance on any information you obtain from websites of Golfwarehouse that result in errors interruptions, omissions, destruction, or deletion of files virus delay in transmission or operation, or failure to perform. The limitation of liability above is applicable regardless of the lawsuit under contract or in any other tortious actions even if any authorized agent or representative of Golfwarehouse has been advised or understood the possibility of damages. However, the above does not apply in the event that any liability arises from our negligence. This paragraph applies to all products, content and services offered on the website. To the maximum extent allowed by the law Golfwarehouse’s total responsibility to any other third parties under these terms, from any cause of liability and actions is limited to not more than the amount you actually paid Golfwarehouse during the six months prior to the claim to the liability.

Specifications, Content and Products Features, Content specifications, products as well as prices for products and services listed or described in Golfwarehouse can be changed at any point without notice. Certain weights, measures, and similar descriptions are approximate and intended for informational for informational purposes only. We will make every effort to display accurately the features associated with our goods, which includes the appropriate colors. However the exact color that you see will depend on your system's capabilities and we cannot ensure that your computer will correctly display these colors. The presence of any product or services available on our Golfwarehouse at any particular moment does not mean or warrant that these items or services will be accessible anytime. Sometimes some products listed available on Golfwarehouse might show a product's initial price reduced, or an offer for a lower price. These are not necessarily current models and could be listed marked down for a long time.

Applicability of Content: The information on this site provides descriptions of services and products that are offered within the United States of America only. The site is managed by Washington, the State of Washington, United States of America in addition, Golfwarehouse makes no representations that the information that is provided is suitable or applicable to use in other places.

The Arbitration Agreement & Waiver of Certain Rights: You and Golfwarehouse agree to resolve any dispute that arises between us via binding and final arbitration , instead of court hearings. You as well as Golfwarehouse hereby abstain from any rights to a trial by jury for any Claim. All disputes, claims, counterclaims, or other disputes that arise between Golfwarehouse and Golfwarehouse relating to these Terms or the Golfwarehouse (each a "Claim") shall be presented to binding arbitration under the rules that are governed by the American Arbitration Association in Spokane, Washington. The arbitration hearing will be conducted and decided by a single arbitrator. The arbitrator's decision in any arbitration will be binding and final on the parties and can be enforced by any court with jurisdiction. The parties acknowledge that the arbitration will be kept secret and any information relating to the arbitration as well as any of the elements of it (including the entire record, including the pleadings, briefs and other documents exchanged or submitted as well as any other testimony or oral submissions or the award) will not be made public beyond the arbitration process in the event that it is required by law. be required by legal proceedings related to the arbitration or as required by any applicable disclosure rules.

If you show that the cost of arbitration are prohibitive in comparison to the costs associated with litigating, Golfwarehouse will reimburse the full amount of administration costs and arbitrator's fee necessary  the arbitration as the arbitrator determines to be essential to avoid the expense of the arbitration from becoming prohibitive. In the final decision the arbitrator will be able to divide the cost of arbitration as well as the arbitration fee to the parties in the amounts that the arbitrator believes to be appropriate.

The arbitration agreement in this case does not restrict either your arbitration from making a claim against federal or state government agencies. You as well as arbitration also are entitled to file a claim for a qualifying reason before a small-claims court. Furthermore both you and Golfwarehouse retain the right to file a claim with any court with jurisdiction for interim relief such as pre-arbitral attachments, or preliminary injunctions. Any request for relief will not be considered unconfirm to these Terms, nor is it a waiver of the right to submit disputes to arbitration in accordance with these Terms.

The company you are associated with, Golfwarehouse may be a representative of a class and/or private attorney general or be a part of a group of claimants regarding any claim. Claims cannot be arbitrated on a representative or class basis. The arbitrator is only able to decide your and/or Golfwarehouse’s specific claims. The arbitrator cannot combine or join claims of any other person or parties similar to you.

If any provision in this Section is determined as invalid, or ineffective or unenforceable, that particular clause will have no force or effect and will be deemed invalid and the rest of this Section will remain in full effect and force. Any waiver of any provision of this Section will be valid or enforceable unless it is recorded in a written document that is signed by the person who waives any right or obligation. A waiver of any provision in this Section will not be deemed to waive or alter any other provision of these Terms. The Terms will continue to apply even after the end the relationship you have to Golfwarehouse.

This section restricts certain rights, like the right to continue any court proceeding as well as the right to trial by jury and the right to be a participant in any type of representative or class claim and the right to participate in discovery, unless otherwise provided within the American Arbitration Association rules and the right to specific remedies and types of relief. Other rights either you or Golfwarehouse would be entitled to in court may not be applicable in arbitration.

Privacy: We are aware that people are concerned about the manner in which the information they give online is used. We invite you to read our privacy policies for more information.

These Terms are governed by and applied in accordance with law of Washington, the State of Washington, United States of America with no the need to refer to its provisions on conflict of laws.

In addition to the arbitration agreement that is set out above and without limiting the arbitration agreement set forth above, you acknowledge that any action of any nature arising out of or relating with these terms or Golfwarehouse is to be brought only in federal or state courts within Spokane, the County of Spokane, State of Washington. You agree to submit your personal rights to those courts in the event of any lawsuit.

If any provision of these Terms is illegal, void, or unenforceable or invalid, or void any part of the Terms is invalid, unenforceable, or unlawful, it is deemed to be severable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of the other clauses. Spokane may modify these Terms at any time by changing this post.

Under no circumstances can Golfwarehouse be accountable for any loss or delay in performance due entirely or in part due to natural or other circumstances beyond its control.

Our failure to apply any provision or right of these Terms does not preclude Golfwarehouse from applying the right or provision in the future.

Golfwarehouse may transfer its rights as well as obligations under these Terms, which includes when it comes to the merger, acquisition or sale of assets, equity, or as a result of the law.

Golfwarehouse reserves the right not to offer its Golfwarehouse to anyone. Golfwarehouse also reserves the right to suspend users' access to their Golfwarehouse at any time, at its sole discretion. If you breach one of the Terms of Service, your authorization to access these Golfwarehouse immediately expires.

At any time, Golfwarehouse might change these Terms from time to time. Should Golfwarehouse changes these Terms, it will provide you an opportunity to notify you by posting the amended terms on the Golfwarehouse. By using this website, you are agreeing to the revised terms. Golfwarehouse you agree to any updated terms published in the site. Print a copy of the agreement to keep for your record.